For Saber and Shire

The Saber is Red, and the Shire is full of Beer, and Pipe Weed. Mmm... Heaven..

2 October 1979
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Where to start, where to start? Well as you might be able to tell by my username I have quite the fondness for Sci Fi and Fantasy. Those two genres would very nicely sum up me as a person I would think. A dreamer, with an eye toward the sky, and a pipe in hand might as well.

As far as employment goes, I work with computers, but it's not my life anymore. Maybe at one point, but one does tend to become jaded in my line of work very quickly. My true passions for "work" lie somewhere between being a Pilot, and putting pen to paper.

This blog/journal will be about the misadventures and hilarity to follow that could be described as my life, but no guarantees are made between me the word whore, and you the poor victim, er reader.

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