White Lines

So yeah, stuff, blah, and yeah

Finished my last final today with a 96, which should put me at a high A for the class overall.  It's just nice to be done with this quarter. It's my first quarter back after a 4 year break.  I started working after I got my Associates, and have finaly decided to pick things back up.  Course life is way busier now with a wife, and baby, and fulltime job, but eh.  It's got to be done I guess.  7 more Quarters to go for my BS, and then on to my Masters and P.h.D which pretty much means a crap load of debt and not much else.  Although I guess I do get to be called Doctor then... mmm now if only I had a Tardis.....

Yeah Turkey Day!!!!!!!!  Thanksgiving is not bad, family, food, wine and beer, and my personal favorite passing out on the couch in a drunken stooper, while trying to make sure my kilt has creeped up.

D&D Saturday!!! 
can't take the sky from me

Oi, what a day.

As the title says, Oi, what a day.... It's not been a bad one mind you, just a blah kind of one.  I had my last final today in class which means after tomorrow's class I'm done for like a week or so.  Oh and then I stop buy the bookstore to pick up my books for the next go round, and fine that their out of the books for two of my classes.  Yeah me, I are so ta happy.  Ah well, I guess I'll be checking back in a week or two.  It's good to know they put all that damn money I give them into making sure supplies are there on time.

Had quite a bit of downtime between school and work  so of course I had to hit the pub.  My bartender wasn't there tonight :-(  I forgot she said she was going on a little holiday, so I got the joy of setting there with nobody to talk to, but I did have lots of good beer, and food so I can't complain too much.

Now I'm a bit drowsy, and dehyrdrated setting at work wishing I was home in bed.  Good news is that I get Thursday off, feasting and drinking!!!!!!!!!!

Stretch and Yawn

Sigh..... after a long weekend due to the wife being sick I am now back at work. At some point tonight I have to study for my final tomorrow like really bad. Finding the motivation however, well that's another story. I'm pretty much on "focus one foot in front of the other, don't look down mode" right now. In fact I feel really hungover, but I haven't had anything to drink in days, which may be the issue... mmmm.......

Anywhoo I did find this today, and while I'm always leery of video games based on movies, I may make an exception for this one. Check out the graphics on the 360 version. That looks pretty damn good. If the voice talents, i.e. the Ghostbusters actual cast is in it, then we might just have my nostalgia kick o' the year here.  Course, again we'll have to see.

Oh one good thing, I did pick up Neverwinter Nights Diamond (Neverwinter Nights + all expansions) for PC this weekend.  I knew I would like it cause it's a Dungeons and Dragons video game, but I didn't know I was going to get hooked on it though.  Only thing that sucked was two of the cd keys that came with it for the expansions didn't work... I e-mailed tech support, cause evidently they don't have a frakkin phone number, and waited and waited.  I ended up finding a *cough* work around *cough* until I can get the issue resolved through them, so no worries.  Anyway damn fun game, and for only $19.99 you can't beat it.
can't take the sky from me

The End is Near

One more week for two of my classes and this is the final week for another one. Tomorrow, er today I hand in my research project and I'm done with Research Methods, *shudders*. Then I'll have to finals next week. After that I think I'm off from school for a week, or two, but still have to work. Sometime during that is Turkey Day !!!!! Hooody Hoooo!!!!! Some Dungeons and Dragons, and a death metal concert with Amon Amarth man I do love the Viking metal. So yeah Biscuts and Gravy and submarine samiches.

Oh and I finally got my new flask and yes it has "the prayer" on the back. MMMM.... Jameson and good times.....


One great thing, one bad thing today. The great thing is that I got to play some Dungeons and Dragons. Living Greyhawk that is with my RPGA group. If anybody wants to know more about what all of that means, ask, otherwise I'll spare you the details. It's been about 4 months since I got to play, so it was real nice to roll some dice again. And I got to meet a new to me member of the group as well. All good stuff indeed.

The suck was yet another frakkin fight with the wife, and let me tell you I'm getting damn tired of them. It used to be just one of those things that happens, anymore it makes me question my entire life, they're so bad. Course I look at my son, calm down and deal. I just don't know how much more I can take, something has got to change. Either things need to get better, I need more booze, or something far worse.....

Anyway enough of that shite. tomorrow is another day off, and pub day to boot, so I guess I can't complain.

Oh and btw, I discovered a new rpg called Witch Hunter.  Mmm.... very good stuff indeed.  It's set in the late 1700's here in the states, well they weren't they states then, but ya know.  Anyway, check it out.  It's good stuff.
can't take the sky from me

For Saber and Shire

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Tom Zarek

can't take the sky from me

Oi, somebody cheer me up.

You know I think it just hit me.  My 60+ hour weeks between school, and work, and my 3 hours of sleep a day are getting  me burnt out quick.  I'm in a right pissy mood, and I think the only fix here is some Jameson, and skipping o' the school.  Last weekend was a pretty nice little break, but I think that made me realize I need a heck of a lot more.  Oh, well, that's what I get for going back to school with a 1 year old after accepting assistant supervisor. 

Oh wait a min. my buddy just started blasting Barleyjuice "What's Up Yours"...  mmm feeling better.... now where's me Jameson.

Oh and yes, It is a nod and a wink at me lucky charms....
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Yippie Ki Yay Mutherfucker!!!!

It's the weekend at last.  I slept a heck of a lot today, er yesterday now, and so I'm all day today, Sat.  I'm heading down to Chattanooga for a Hamfest as soon as I get out of work, then home for the Red Sox game, er I mean World Series (buckets of beer included) and yes that was a Darby O'Gill  & Little People reference for my celtic rock mates out there, you know who you are ;-)  and then on to the pub where I'll play the wild rover.... sorry..... :-)  and wish my favorite bartender Val was there.

Oh and as for tomorrow, after sleeping late I plan on rolling out of bed drinking a gallon of water, come on you all know why, and then downing the best part of a bottle fine Irish Whiskey, yes that's ey, it's only Whisky if it's made in Scotland.  Interesting fact there, huh? then game 4, and some more Pub.  This is what refer to  as a mini pub vacation, mixed with some DKM, and Boston Red Sox.

Cheers all!!!!

Actualy did something

Today wasn't bad, for a change.  I had to stay up after work so I could call a friend of mine, and arrage a meeting with him, and another friend so they could sign my petition for the Masons for me.  It end up being at Shoneys about the time I should have been leaving for class, but oh well it was nice to see them together in one place.  I hung out with them and missed the first hour and half of class, then made a little side trip to find the Lodge I'm attempting to join, and made it to class just in time to get full credit, for the day instead of half credit.

Then I got out of class early and made it to work to watch my Red Sox win game 2 of the world series, eh yeah and stuff. 

So this weekend I have a Hamfest to go to, followed buy some drinking and watching Game 3, then heading to the pub.  Followed by some sleeping and watching game 4 then heading to the pub.  Ahhh good times, knock on wood.

Cheers All!